What Is Online Shopping How To Prmote

Regarding delivery, 56% of respondents prefer home delivery and 32% prefer delivery as a bridging point. Whatever happens, delivery costs are a major barrier to online shopping. Thus, 42% of e-consumers abandon their shopping cart if the delivery is chargeable and 36% accept to pay a delivery fee only if they do not exceed 5% of the amount of the order.

In the research phase, women are more mobile than men: 25% use a mobile terminal to search for a purchase, compared with 20% of men. There are also marked differences in respondents’ age when studying the terminals used by e-consumers during the purchasing process. Thus, 90% of 55-year-olds and more connected will favor a computer, when only 76% of 18-35 will use this terminal. 13% will go through a mobile phone and 11% by a tablet to shop.

online store engages you in certain obligations to your customers, and to the state. Here is some information on the legislation to respect when creating an online shop, and during its operation.

Choosing products for sale in an online store
All imaginable products can be sold in an online shop, provided that their sale remains legal. But some products are easier to sell, easier to manage, to supply, to sell, to describe, to deliver, or simply more profitable than others.

A quality charter for your online store
A satisfied customer will come back. Starting from this principle, be impeccable by creating a quality charter for your online shop that you will endeavor to respect. Both in the form and content of your online shop, as well as in after sales service.

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